About Chapman & Intrieri

CHAPMAN & INTRIERI, L.L.P., has solid, substantive litigation experience throughout the State of California in a variety of practice areas. We are able to address all of our clients' concerns on a statewide and national level both directly and through our network of correspondent firms.


We are available whenever our clients’ needs arise. We have a proven track record in securing injunctive or provisional relief in urgent and demanding circumstances. We represent our clients faithfully according to the client’s stated goal and objective.

Our principals have successfully handled jury and bench trials, arbitrations and appellate work in state and federal forums. The Firm also participates in ongoing training and education to ensure the highest quality and most up-to-date legal services and information available.


Our Firm’s billing rates are reasonable and competitive and we recognize that protracted litigation wastes valuable client resources that can be put to more productive use . Consequently, CHAPMAN & INTRIERI, L.L.P., aggressively directs each case toward early resolution in accordance with client goals established at the outset. We have implemented policies to eliminate billing abuses, such as:

  • The client is never surcharged for ordinary expenses like postage, copy costs, and telephone charges, or for services like couriers, process servers, investigators or deposition costs.
  • Expert fees are pre-approved by the client and experts are required to adhere to a carefully prepared budget to avoid unexpected fees and unnecessary work.
  • The client is never charged for staff overtime or word processing.
  • Travel time is frequently billed at a reduced rate.
  • Multiple attorneys are not used unless required by the size and complexity of the case and pre-approved by the client. Although one of the firm’s partners always maintains supervisory responsibility for each case, costs of the supervision time are not passed on to the client.
  • Paralegals and law clerks are used whenever practical for specific support tasks at reduced rates. Clients may also be asked to perform investigation or other tasks within their capabilities, if they wish to do so, to reduce attorney fees.
  • Billing statements are detailed and clients are encouraged to question charges to understand how, why and where their money is spent.

To help our clients control costs and accurately budget for legal expenses, CHAPMAN & INTRIERI, L.L.P., is open to innovative fee arrangements, such as:

  • A flat fee retainer negotiated up front for individual cases or groups of cases
  • Pre-agreed/standardized charges per task
  • Graduated billing or blended hourly/contingency structures
  • Additional non-traditional arrangements tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

All of your legal matters are handled by a principal of the Firm who actively participates in all stages of the litigation. A principal is constantly available to answer any questions or concerns. A detailed monthly billing statement is mailed to our clients to help them keep track of costs incurred, and responsiveness to billing inquiries is a top priority.

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